Cheap Business Class Tickets: For Anyone and Everyone

November 6th, 2014

Usually, when it comes to flight travel, most people really don’t care about travel classes, especially if the travel time goes for about an hour or two. But if you are about to go on a business trip and you are set to go far, you would wish that you can have the most comfortable seat as much as possible since you have a long journey. Business class flight offers convenience, luxury and amenities for business travellers and executives, but somehow it is quite expensive compared with economy class.

How to upgrade seats

  • Most businesses will rather choose economy class because it can cut off their travel expenses. But take note that there are methods on how to purchase cheap business class tickets that will definitely suit your budget.
  • First, in order to have less expensive class tickets, arrive early at the airport as much as possible. Most airlines inform their passengers about any available seats in business class. Kindly ask for available extra seats in business or executive classes.
  • When the plane doors are already closed and your plane is about to fly. You can try and ask the stewardess or plane staff if there are available seats in the executive class. Ask them to upgrade your seat. Make sure that do not move on that particular empty seat without asking their permission.
  • It is helpful to be updated on the travel ticket’s price tag. You can do this by checking up details and business flight schedules through the use of the internet. If the business trip is behind schedule but you still want to find cheap tickets. You may consider a less renowned airline in order to save money.
  • Look for online travel portals that offer great deals of discounts such as online ticket sellers. They can provide the most affordable class tickets that will definitely suit your budget.


How Can You Obtain the Best Flavored E-liquid?

November 3rd, 2014

It is hard to convince a chain smoker to quit smoking. Sometimes even if they are willing to stop the addiction they just don’t know how to start because they can’t control themselves to light a cigarette for a day. So what more if they will totally stop from smoking? For sure they will feel unease and will end up holding a cigarette in their hands. This is the main reason why they have introduced electronic cigarette in the market.

For people who are not aware about electronic cigarette, well it is a battery powered device where in you will make use of a liquid called e-liquid or ejuice to make it function like a traditional cigarette. On the other hand, in the case of e-liquid, you can decide what flavor you want to smoke up unlike with traditional cigarette that you only have one choice and that is tobacco. This is why plenty of chain smokers have switched smoking e-cigarette because they wanted to experience the feeling of puffing different flavors.

If you want to make the most out of your electronic cigarette, then you have to look for the best flavored e-liquid. This can be hard if you don’t know anything about the product. You can ask a chain smoker who had been smoking e-cigarette for quite some time because for sure he can give you a good suggestion. On the other hand, you still need to identify what flavor you like because it is you who will use the cigarette and not other people.

It is very important for you to come up with an eliquid that can give you satisfaction. Because vaping will not be that exciting if you will not enjoy the flavor of the e-liquid. You have to look at the ingredients of the liquid and make sure that it is of high quality. Therefore, you have to buy this product from a reputable smoke shop. There are four main ingredients for e-liquids that include the following.

Ingredients of an E-liquid

  • Nicotine
  • Water (distilled)
  • PG or Propylene Glycol and VG or Vegetable Glycerin
  • Flavor

You have to know what specific amount of nicotine that your body should consume in a day so that you will not used up too much of this ingredient. This will surely affect your smoking experience and can even give you an undesirable feeling. Try to examine yourself how often you light a cigarette. The more you smoke up then the higher the nicotine level is. But if you are a beginner then the nicotine contents should only be minimal.

With so many choices that you have for e-liquid, for sure it is not enough for you to pick one that you will smoke up permanently. You can consider it as a trial and error process until you find the best flavored e-liquid that absolutely puts you in cloud 9. You can choose from vanilla, menthol, banana, grape, coffee, mint, and a whole lot more. You can go for e liquids with sweet taste or have those liquids with spicy flavor.


Being A Cigar Affionado: The Specialist’s Guide

October 28th, 2014

You would be able to realize that like some other people who would want to become a connoisseur for smoking, you need to be in the first level before you attempt to become one of the big guys who are so adept in smoking that big stick which most socialite men could only afford. While most people think that there is something so plain and so boring about tobacco, most companies have made this a whole lot better by turning it into an element that would signify a status brand. And indeed, tobacco has now become a brand for the rich.

If you would be wondering what is being talked about here, we are talking about tobacco being rolled in pipes, rollers and other forms so you can have a better taste and quality of tobacco smoke. There are most experts even who have invested both money and time so that they will be able to have a perfect way to smoke. And yes, that is the form of cigar.

Loving the many types of cigars

Should you consider yourself a true connoisseur in cigars, then you would have known by now that these elements of smoking are the usual types of cigars that only the big and the influential men would smoke. They should not be belittled into considering that they are the typical ones that you normally see commonly sold in the streets.

The reason why there is a form of savvy and prestige in this kind of smoking is because they are being made with special care and with due diligence in such a way that you will then be able to smoke that fine tobacco pleasure which has been flawlessly created.

You don’t want to consider yourself an ignorant when it comes to these things, it’s about time you learn a thing or two about cigars.


Julie Roehm: Social Media with Strategy is like cooking with a recipe

October 28th, 2014

When cooking, almost everyone follows a recipe; written or already memorized. Following it helps effieciency in prep time and ingredients. But what if you don’t have a recipe? Most likely the end result would not be as good as you expected it to be. In the current trend of marketing strategies, social media has served as a great platform for any business company. But socal media without strategy is also like cooking without the recipe.

Cooking with a Recipe: Social Media with Strategy

According to Ms. Julie Roehm, the Chief Storyteller, SVP of Marketing for SAP quoted from her twitter account;

“Social media without strategy is like cooking without a recipe. Sometimes it works but sometimes its disaster. With a recipe, at least you know what ingredients to have before you get started. Along the way it’s great to improvise to make it your own but without at least a plan, you end up wandering aimlessly.”

Like that recipe, a strategic plan has the components listed and procedures to follow. Before implementing social media as a tool for the company, a plan should be made and implemented. Once the momentum is gained – improvisation along the way could be done when problems and obstacles arise. But everything starts with a plan.

Ingredients to start with

To avoid wandering aimlessly, below will be the first ‘ingredients’ for the recipe or plan of action:

  1. Vision – established foremost, serves as the center of a company’s long and short term course and foundation for a mission statement. Answers the question, ‘what do we want to become?’
  2. Mission – answers the question ‘what is our business?’ and the foundation of priorities, strategies, plans and values. Simply the statement of purpose of a company.

Start your strategic plan for social media right. Never underestimate the value of cooking with a recipe!