Julie Roehm: Social Media with Strategy is like cooking with a recipe

October 28th, 2014

When cooking, almost everyone follows a recipe; written or already memorized. Following it helps effieciency in prep time and ingredients. But what if you don’t have a recipe? Most likely the end result would not be as good as you expected it to be. In the current trend of marketing strategies, social media has served as a great platform for any business company. But socal media without strategy is also like cooking without the recipe.

Cooking with a Recipe: Social Media with Strategy

According to Ms. Julie Roehm, the Chief Storyteller, SVP of Marketing for SAP quoted from her twitter account;

“Social media without strategy is like cooking without a recipe. Sometimes it works but sometimes its disaster. With a recipe, at least you know what ingredients to have before you get started. Along the way it’s great to improvise to make it your own but without at least a plan, you end up wandering aimlessly.”

Like that recipe, a strategic plan has the components listed and procedures to follow. Before implementing social media as a tool for the company, a plan should be made and implemented. Once the momentum is gained – improvisation along the way could be done when problems and obstacles arise. But everything starts with a plan.

Ingredients to start with

To avoid wandering aimlessly, below will be the first ‘ingredients’ for the recipe or plan of action:

  1. Vision – established foremost, serves as the center of a company’s long and short term course and foundation for a mission statement. Answers the question, ‘what do we want to become?’
  2. Mission – answers the question ‘what is our business?’ and the foundation of priorities, strategies, plans and values. Simply the statement of purpose of a company.

Start your strategic plan for social media right. Never underestimate the value of cooking with a recipe!

What to Get from Intermittent Fasting Reviews?

October 26th, 2014

Individuals who want to lose weight are most likely to stumble upon the so called The Venus Factor. This is a kind of program that is turning to be a popular one today. Maybe, there are people out there who are wondering why this became popular, most especially to women. In order to understand this, it will help a lot to consider intermittent fasting reviews available around the web. Most women will be able to follow a program that will help them achieve the ideal body shape that they want to attain. Meaning, this can help them a lot.

What to do with the Venus Factor System?

  1. The Venus Factor System is perceived as a nutritional and fitness plan which is intended for women who want to alter their physique. This will enable them to achieve different body dimensions and as well as ratios in between their different body parts.
  2. There are various ratios in the body of women. Among these are height to waist, and then waist to hip, lastly, there is the waist to shoulder. If the person’s own ratio is essential. The Venus Factor program will be used efficiently if the above mentioned has been identified first. This may be the answer towards a more ideal body shape.
  3. The science behind this Venus Factor is just too unbelievable. There are researches saying that weight loss, both for women and men can be controlled only by a hormone referred to as Leptin. Leptin is the one responsible for controlling 100% of the body’s ability for fats to be burned.
  4. The idea is to have a high level of Leptin. This will be the one responsible for speeding up the body’s metabolism. This will also signal the whole body to burn fat. When a person has low levels of Leptin, this will slow down his metabolism. This is the time when fat accumulation occurs. This is the basic.


There are many researches out there saying that recently, it has been discovered that women have this hormone twice in number. This is the reality as compared to that of men out there. If this is the case, then this is good news, right? The only bad news though is that there are instances when women are not so responsive with this. This is the issue that will be dealt with the mentioned program. Look at this for it may help a lot.

Music Lyrics in all Languages

October 26th, 2014

Our world is composed of multi races, culture, and language differences which could become barriers to the way we understand each other. But music is something that transcends all barriers and has become one of the factors in uniting people regardless of race, culture, age, education, and language.

Modern technology has given music another step up. The world has become a smaller place since the internet was started, and one of the most popular sites visited are usually the ones that are devoted to music. It has been observed that the latest hits in the USA could also make an impact on the music scene of Asia and Europe.

That is all very well, but some nations would rather hear the songs in their language as listening to the English version does not produce the same kind of feeling as it would be if done in the native tongue. This kind of demand blossomed into another aspect in the music world.

Sites That Offer Dubbed Versions

Music sites were quick to jump on the bandwagon and be the first to be able to do dubbed songs. The artist, the song, and the tune are still original, but the words coming out are that of the dubbed language. Some of these sites are:

  • Youtube.com – a proliferation of Spanish, Italian, Chinese songs has been heard through this site based on some very popular English songs.
  • Billboard.com – songs that are popular can be browsed and heard through this site. It may offer some limitations, but they have a fantastic array of great Spanish songs.
  • Officialcharts.com – features popular songs that are dubbed in other languages. The list also includes popular songs from other nations that have become popular everywhere in the world.

Not contented with this, another demand has sprouted. But this time, it is more difficult, but not impossible. People now want Lyrics in all languages to be made available for their own convenience. If you come to think of it, this is not actually a demand, but more of a request. Most people may be able to read and understand English, but the language may have some nuances that may lose the meaning of the song altogether. This could frustrate music lovers from China or India or wherever and the song may lose flavor instead of skyrocketing more.

Sites that have music Lyricsin all languages:

This problem has been addressed and some sites are on their way to do this. The pace may be small and slow but eventually, as in all things, be surmounted and get done. Here are some great sites that are so innovative and fast to adapt when it comes to music:

  • Lyricsfeast.com – one of the best sites as it has a wide selection of foreign language lyrics to songs that may or may not be popular. The languages featured range from Spanish, German, French and Italian. It is an amazing site to start your search with.
  • Allwords.com – this site has a huge database that you can research on. All of you need to do is to browse the song and language that you want the song in. Performers have to be browsed differently though.




What are the best movies on Netflix Canada?

October 21st, 2014

Netflix covers a wide range of offers to many countries worldwide. With this advantage that people get, they can have the best experience in film watching. Netflix is said to be the most popular online streaming website worldwide. It was first developed by Reed Hastings in 1997 which was also the popularization of the use of DVDs. It reached its peak in the 2000’s when online streaming was deemed to be more convenient than any other ways of film viewing.

Canada is a country that is one of the locations wherein Netflix is famously known. If you search Netflix coordinating with the word Canada, you can find results such as best movies on Netflix Canada which is information inferred by the use of such site in the country. If you are living there then you can avail to the offers of Netflix and get your own wonders of watching the movies and or TV shows that you want.

Where to avail to the best movies on Netflix Canada

There are many online websites that provides access to the Netflix movie in Canada. All you have to do is look for the best ones that are authentic or legit. These websites must be authorized by the Netflix Company to interlink with their services. To know if you have chosen a good site, you can read on reviews and or references through testimonials of users posted online and or in website surveys that you can also see in the internet. www.allflicks.net is one of the best providers of Netflix services. If you want to know more, then you can go to their website and see or witness for yourself what they are all about.

How it works

By going to the website that is interconnected with the Netflix offers, you access shows and movies upon registration. It is very easy to register because it will only take a few minutes and only ask for very basic information. Once you are done, you can go on selecting the categories of shows that you would want to see. You can also search for the title and or the director of the movie so that it will be easier for you to click on the video. If you avail of the offers of Netflix you will have a month of free trial.

Pros in online streaming

Online streaming is a very great solution for your movie cravings. You do not have to drive for hours in order to go to cinemas and watch the movies of your choice and or stroll around stores just to look for DVDs that are also not guaranteed to be of best quality. You can be assured that you will be watching great video and audio definition. Customer satisfaction is the most prioritized aspect of the servers that is why they tend to give out the best of their abilities and develop very easy programs in order to serve out a hassle-free way of every single step upon availing of customers.